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This collection is dedicated to kids! Start their art collection young. Inspired by their effortless cool. All the pieces can grow with them but have just enough silly to hang out with them while they do.

*A portion of the proceeds from the pieces in this collection are donated to benefit families struggling to afford basic necessities*

"One day after Preschool, my son said he wanted to stop coloring. He would often paint and color on poster board with me. A classmate had told him to stop painting because it was all just ugly scribble scrabble. I started adding scribbles to my art to show him I really believed scribbles were beautiful, not just said it. He soon started painting again, so I invited him on to my canvas. He is now featured in many of the pieces for kids. All kids are artists. Ignore all others. Be a kid and have fun."

Click on Image to see details and start viewing gallery. Click See More at the bottom to expand for additional pieces.

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